ACTi KCM-5211E and KCM-5311E – Outdoor Ready Multi-Megapixel Zoom Cameras

What do you consider when looking for an outdoor surveillance camera? You might be concerned with the following: I want to see clear details (Multi-megapixel, clear focus, high TVL) I want to be able to identify people from longer distances (optical zoom)… etc. The camera should see clearly even when lights go off by accident […]

Transition Continues Toward IP Topology

Throughout the years, rapid uptake of some security technologies has been witnessed, while others showed promise but never experienced widespread adoption. Today, there are four trends that are shaping the video surveillance industry, which are highlighted below. – – Verint Systems Video surveillance is going through an exciting change, from “box-based” to “comprehensive solution” sales […]

ACTi TCM-4101 H.264 IP Cube Camera

For users who run small businesses such as retail shop, an easy and economical surveillance solution is always a smart choice. ACTi would like to introduce TCM-4101 H.264 IP Cube Camera, it has a full frame rate of 30 frames per second in VGA resolution. The H.264 compression definitely eases worries of inadequate bandwidth and […]

Quick Glossary of Network Terms

Network – Group of computers connected together in a way that lets information be exchanged between the computers. Local Area Network (LAN) – Network of computers in the same physical location, usually within a building or campus. Wide Area Network (WAN) – Used when the computers in the network are far apart, as in different […]

ACTi 4 Indoor IP Camera Package with 64 camera Recording Software

Our ACTi 4 indoor IP Camera Package are ideal for home, daycare centers, preschool, kinder garden schools and many other application. Parents can watch and hear their children from another room, in the workplace or even every corner of the world. The Package Includes 4 x ACM-4001 – ACTi Fixed Cube IP Camera Bundled with […]

Your Eyes Around The World

The evolution of security cameras has always been a subject of keeping our wealth and or properties stored in place to what we called as SAFE. Manufacturers of this security cameras kept on spreading their brains, conducted continuous research until they give birth to IP SURVIELLANCE CAMERA, the pride of its kind. Winning against analog […]

ACTi ACM-1231 Megapixel IP IR Camera

The ACTi ACM-1231 Megapixel Outdoor IP IR Bullet Camera is the first megapixel bullet camera with state-of-the-art features which offers to meet the purpose for indoor/outdoor, day/night (0 Lux when IR LED on), vari-focal lens, PoE, IP-66, 2-way audio support capabilities. The ACTi ACM-1231 also plays a very critical role to support the widest range […]