What is DDNS?

By vljuson • June 1st, 2009

If you wish to run a server for web hosting or accessing ip cameras available from any internet location and we do not have a static IP address but a dynamic one supplied by our ISP (ex. DSL or cable service) we have to use DDNS or Dynamic Domain Name System.

DDNS server provides a database containing relations between domain names and numeric addresses which may be updated on request by the domain owner. Thanks to this feature, the server is available in the domain name regardless its current Ip address.

We have to remember that when DHCP server changes (your modem restart) the IP, it takes some time to detect this change by your router. Then after the notification has been sent to DDNS server it takes another minute or so to send this piece of data to DNS server to update the database. As a result, your server will be periodically unavailable up to several minutes every time the IP address has been changed.

If you want to use the service you need to register at a DDNS server listed below:

If you want a professional service to do the work, you may call us to schedule an appointment.


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