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VLJUSON TECHNOLOGIES, INC. – Technology partner in IP surveillance solutions http://vljuson.com Technology partner in IP surveillance solutions Wed, 05 Mar 2014 09:10:44 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.9 ACTi KCM-5211E and KCM-5311E – Outdoor Ready Multi-Megapixel Zoom Cameras http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/acti-kcm-5211e-and-kcm-5311e-outdoor-ready-multi-megapixel-zoom-cameras/ http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/acti-kcm-5211e-and-kcm-5311e-outdoor-ready-multi-megapixel-zoom-cameras/#respond Fri, 29 Jul 2011 03:26:29 +0000 http://vljuson.com/?p=733 What do you consider when looking for an outdoor surveillance camera? You might be concerned with the following:

  • I want to see clear details (Multi-megapixel, clear focus, high TVL)
  • I want to be able to identify people from longer distances (optical zoom)… etc.
  • The camera should see clearly even when lights go off by accident (built-in IR LED)
  • I wish the camera could see even the darkest corners and shadows under bright daylight (dynamic range, auto iris)
  • I don’t want to see a  noise on the image at night (digital noise reduction)
  • I wish to save time and money on installation (no extra housing needed, easy viewing angle and focus adjustment)

ACTi is introducing two powerful outdoor-ready cameras the KCM-5211E and the KCM-5311E both these cameras 100% fulfill all of your outdoor video surveillance requirements!

By breaking its own market leading video quality record of 1561TVL on indoor KCM-series cameras, ACTi launches the new KCM-5211E with 1650 TVL, thanks to the accurate auto focus, 4-Megapixel resolution together with a great optical performance of the lens, Superior Dynamic Range and 3D digital noise reduction!

Having the smallest details with 1650 TVL together with the possibility to zoom in and out even in total darkness – this is a powerful technology never seen before in the surveillance market!

Interested in this product? Contact Us now!

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Transition Continues Toward IP Topology http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/transition-continues-toward-ip-topology/ http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/transition-continues-toward-ip-topology/#respond Tue, 14 Sep 2010 13:27:37 +0000 http://vljuson.com/?p=717

Throughout the years, rapid uptake of some security technologies has been witnessed, while others showed promise but never experienced widespread adoption. Today, there are four trends that are shaping the video surveillance industry, which are highlighted below. – – Verint Systems

Video surveillance is going through an exciting change, from “box-based” to “comprehensive solution” sales for surveillance needs. This is not a revolution but an evolution that will take years, and it is reflected in the four trends highlighted below.

A trend that continues to evolve and prove its value is the transition from analog CCTV systems to more sophisticated, networked-based video. This has greatly improved the ability to efficiently detect security breaches, as well as deliver video and data across organizations and to outside agencies.

Network-based video more effectively addresses security threats, improves operational efficiency and complies with cost containment’s. This transition to IP also reflects customers’ desire to treat video as any other network data asset and integrate video with other types of network based security and corporate data to create a more holistic security approach.

As we have seen in other sectors, more and more large organizations are looking for a comprehensive suite for their security systems – one that is delivered by a single vendor, rather than purchasing through different providers. In addition to the integration challenges of disparate solutions, other user burdens include relying on multiple sources for support, maintenance and upgrades.

We have reached a point where customers are looking at video as a solution rather than as a number of products. While an end-to-end solution may sound counter intuitive to open, IP-based systems, it is actually quite logical and complementary. As long as the end-to-end suite is based on non-proprietary standards, IT platforms and the various modules within the solution such as video management, encoders and network cameras can operate with other vendors’ products.

The benefits of an open, standards-based architecture that readily integrates with an organization’s current IT infrastructure and commercially available network, server and storage technologies are obvious. Those benefits drive the need for vendors to deliver a different type of service and support. It is now more about network configuration, remote access, solution troubleshooting and network-monitoring tools.

This represents a change in customers’ expectations. It is not just about how good the product is; it is also about how well the vendor partner can scale, how IT-savvy employees are, and the level and breadth of expertise that are available to support the solution within a networked environment.

When video analytics was introduced a few years ago, it was perceived as a stand-alone solution with growth possibilities. Over time, it has evolved into a powerful capability within today’s end-toend video suites. As such, video analytics is actually driving greater impact and business value. Tighter integration within a broader set of applications and the price efficiencies this structure can carry as part of a broader suite are but a few of the end benefits.

Better understanding of the trends and the changes they bring will enable organizations to more efficiently plan, determine requirements and identify key criteria vital to their success.

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ACTi TCM-4101 H.264 IP Cube Camera http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/acti-tcm-4101-h-264-ip-cube-camera/ http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/acti-tcm-4101-h-264-ip-cube-camera/#respond Sat, 30 Jan 2010 00:05:08 +0000 http://vljuson.com/?p=644 For users who run small businesses such as retail shop, an easy and economical surveillance solution is always a smart choice.

ACTi would like to introduce TCM-4101 H.264 IP Cube Camera, it has a full frame rate of 30 frames per second in VGA resolution. The H.264 compression definitely eases worries of inadequate bandwidth and storage by effectively reducing the bit rate.

With two-way audio support, TCM-4101 strengthens the surveillance capability. Users can be protected by not just video but also audio files. DC 12 V or Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) support gives users complete flexibility with installation.


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ACTi and VLJUSON End-User Seminar http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/acti-and-vljuson-end-user-seminar/ http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/acti-and-vljuson-end-user-seminar/#respond Mon, 14 Sep 2009 17:39:31 +0000 http://vljuson.com/?p=562 October 2-3, 2009, Grand Hotel, Iloilo City


Intensifying the safety and security of your businesses through systematized solutions.

Warm Greetings!

In today’s fast changing times, economic stability has been a struggle to every businesses. This is the time that we cannot compromise safety and security of our hard-earned investments. VLJUSON TECHNOLOGIES, INC. a local partner of ACTi Corporation in the Philippines recognized the need for more advanced equipments and knowledge in these areas. We sincerely invite you to be a part of this seminar to enlighten you with this latest technology in video surveillance.

Looking forward to having you join us in Iloilo Grand Hotel, Iznart St., Iloilo City.


Vincent Lao Juson
General Manager

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InscapeData AirEther SB54 Long Range 802.11 a/b/g Wireless Bridge http://vljuson.com/outdoor-wireless-systems/inscapedata-airether-sb54-long-range-802-11-abg-wireless-bridge/ http://vljuson.com/outdoor-wireless-systems/inscapedata-airether-sb54-long-range-802-11-abg-wireless-bridge/#respond Sun, 13 Sep 2009 09:28:13 +0000 http://vljuson.com/?p=552 SB54Inscape Data’s AirEther™ SB54 Dual Band Outdoor Wireless Bridge, Access Point, Repeater product is designed for outdoor long-range wireless communication up to 50km. Based on the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g standards operating on 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency with peak transmit power up to 500mW* and 300mW* respectively. The AirEther SB54 is an ideal cost-effective solutions for building-to-building wireless communications, parking lot security, and last-mile internet subscriber applications. The SB54 product is capable of operating at one of the four modes: Access Point, Wireless Bridge, Repeater, or Client Bridge. The ruggedness of IP68 rated enclosure and extreme temperature ratings along with host of product features makes the AirEther SB54 the product choice for long range wireless networking and IP video security applications.

Our AirEther SB54 products are designed with the Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature, which allows power and data transmitted over a single network cable. This capability provides for simple, convenient installation. When you use the LPS1000 Outdoor PoE Switch and networking with any of the IP Cameras, all the wireless devices and the cameras are networked within a single outdoor LAN (local Area Network). It becomes much easier to manage, integrate, install, maintain, and troubleshoot. Based on Inscape Data’s patent-pending technology, our new Outdoor PoE Switch greatly lessens challenges for outdoor LAN design, integration, and deployment.

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Quick Glossary of Network Terms http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/quick-glossary-of-network-terms/ http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/quick-glossary-of-network-terms/#respond Mon, 10 Aug 2009 15:12:14 +0000 http://vljuson.com/?p=530 Network – Group of computers connected together in a way that lets information be exchanged between the computers.

Local Area Network (LAN) – Network of computers in the same physical location, usually within a building or campus.

Wide Area Network (WAN) – Used when the computers in the network are far apart, as in different cities.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) – Provides a direct connection between the LAN or WAN to the World Wide Web.

Internet Protocol (IP) Address – IP assigns a unique identifier to all computers and other devices connected to the Internet.

Node – Anything connected to the network. Although a node is often a computer, it can also be a printer or an IP Camera.

Segment – Any part of a network that is separated by a hub, switch, bridge or router from another part of the network.

Hub – Connection point for devices in a network. Acts like a traffic cop regulating the flow of cars (or packets of information).

Switch – Like a cloverleaf intersection at the hub; each car takes an entrance ramp to where they want to go without stopping or slowing down.

Bridge – Connects two LANs or two segments of the same LAN using the same protocol, such as Ethernet or Token-Ring.

Router – forwards data packets along networks. They connect at least two networks, usually LANs, WANs or a LAN and its ISP’s network.

Network Interface Card (NIC) – Every computer and most other devices, including IP Cameras, are connected to the network through an NIC. Often, this is an Ethernet card; you’ll find the slot on the back of your computer.

Media Access Control (MAC) Address – Physical address of any device on the network. It identifies the company that made the NIC as well as the serial number of the specific NIC.

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ACTi ACM-4201 1.3 Megapixel IP Cube Camera with PoE http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/acti-acm-4201-13-megapixel-ip-cube-camera-with-poe/ http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/acti-acm-4201-13-megapixel-ip-cube-camera-with-poe/#respond Wed, 01 Jul 2009 10:04:23 +0000 http://vljuson.com/?p=507 acm-4200_4201_mAre you looking for a basic all-in-one and most affordable Megapixel IP Camera for your first and upcoming project? ACTi ACM-4201 definitely will be your first choice to jump starts your IP project! Good quality with affordable price is important for migrating to IP world!

ACTi ACM-4201 has a compact appearance, following the design concept of ACM-4200; it uses simple geometric figures to present a clean look and feel. With the lens and bracket included, it is definitely cost-effective to have this all-in-one product. Moreover, the lens is changeable, and you can choose optional vari-focal lens in replacement when needed, instead of buying a whole new camera.

Most of all, ACTi ACM-4201 is easier to install with PoE function. Think of all the manual labor you will save! This 1.3 Megapixel IP camera gives you the best quality with satisfying price.

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ACTi TCM-5311 CCD Megapixel Box Camera with H.264 http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/acti-tcm-5311-ccd-megapixel-box-camera-with-h264/ http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/acti-tcm-5311-ccd-megapixel-box-camera-with-h264/#respond Wed, 01 Jul 2009 08:48:24 +0000 http://vljuson.com/?p=503 Instead of going for a higher resolution IP camera, why not try a high quality 1.3 Megapixel CCD camera? ACTi now offers a new product to enhance the video quality of Megapixel IP cameras by providing a CCD Megapixel IP camera with an H.264 video codec.

ACTi would like to introduce the H.264 CCD Megapixel box camera, the TCM-5311. This IP camera has a 1.25 megapixel CCD sensor that can produce excellent images in both day and nighttime environments. It has excellent performance under critical lighting environments with the use of a MIR cut filter and has an attrative price. This new CCD H.264 megapixel camera supports dual streaming for the transmission of two H.264 video streams, each with its own frame rate, bit rate and resolution settings. By providing a triple codec (H.264 / MPEG-4 / MJPEG) with two simultaneous streams, ACTi’s is able to provide a solution that is deployable across many different vertical market segments.

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Western Digital ShareSpace http://vljuson.com/network-attached-storage/western-digital-sharespace/ http://vljuson.com/network-attached-storage/western-digital-sharespace/#respond Sat, 13 Jun 2009 08:40:43 +0000 http://vljuson.com/?p=492 WD ShareSpace is perfect for centralizing and sharing data on a small office or home network. The small 4 bay system takes little space and provide big time data center without the need for big time IT department.

Western Digital 2TB ShareSpace Gigabit Ethernet

Package Contents

  • Network storage system with RAID (populated with 2 or 4 hard drives)
  • Ethernet cable
  • 2 hard drive mounting rails (for 2-drive models)
  • AC adapter
  • Software CD
  • Quick Install Guide


  • Windows® Vista/XP/2000
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11+, 10.5.2+
  • Compatibility may vary depending on user’s hardware configuration and operating system.

For more information on WD ShareSpace, please click here.

SRP: Php29,688
Our Price: Php22,750
You Save Php6,938

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ACTi 4 Indoor IP Camera Package with 64 camera Recording Software http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/acti-4-indoor-ip-camera-package-with-64-camera-recording-software/ http://vljuson.com/network-cameras/acti-4-indoor-ip-camera-package-with-64-camera-recording-software/#respond Tue, 02 Jun 2009 03:36:42 +0000 http://vljuson.com/?p=474 acti-4-indoor-ip-camera-package

Our ACTi 4 indoor IP Camera Package are ideal for home, daycare centers, preschool, kinder garden schools and many other application. Parents can watch and hear their children from another room, in the workplace or even every corner of the world.

The Package Includes

  • 4 x ACM-4001 – ACTi Fixed Cube IP Camera Bundled with f4.2mm/F1.8 Fixed Lens
  • 1 x NVR Professional – ACTi NVR Professional Video Management Software for 64 camera
  • 1 x 3G-6200WG – Edimax 3G-6200WG Wireless 11G/3/3.5G Broadband Router with Printer Server and Wired WAN port
  • 1 x MPX-1000 – Mitsui UPS Line Interactive with Built-in Charge Booster (1000VA)
  • 4 x 15m utp cable – Cat5e UTP Cable pre-terminated
  • Package Price: Php42,900*

*Installation and programming is not included in the package price and for the account of client.

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