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Lenovo’s IdeaCenter Desktop A600

Lenovo’s IdeaCenter A600 is a space saving, all in one design with 21.5″ Full HD screen entertainment desktop. The latest in desktop design. The style and clutter-free simplicity of a television. A perfect fit anywhere in your home. Easy single power cord set-up. Beautifully simple, slip and powerful. The Lenovo’s IdeaCenter A600 is already available […]

HP L5006tm Touchscreen Monitor

HP L5006tm touchscreen monitor is one of the newest additions to HP’s line of flat panel monitors, the HP L5006t 15-inch Touchscreen Monitor is the only HP business monitor to feature touchscreen technology for easy onscreen interactivity in a variety of point-of-sale (POS), hospitality, educational, banking, manufacturing, and kiosk environments. Innovative technology Surface Acoustic Wave […]