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ACTi ACM-4201 1.3 Megapixel IP Cube Camera with PoE

Are you looking for a basic all-in-one and most affordable Megapixel IP Camera for your first and upcoming project? ACTi ACM-4201 definitely will be your first choice to jump starts your IP project! Good quality with affordable price is important for migrating to IP world! ACTi ACM-4201 has a compact appearance, following the design concept […]

ACTi TCM-5311 CCD Megapixel Box Camera with H.264

Instead of going for a higher resolution IP camera, why not try a high quality 1.3 Megapixel CCD camera? ACTi now offers a new product to enhance the video quality of Megapixel IP cameras by providing a CCD Megapixel IP camera with an H.264 video codec. ACTi would like to introduce the H.264 CCD Megapixel […]