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What is IP Camera?

An IP Camera is a stand-alone device which allows you to view live, full motion video from anywhere in the world. IP Cameras can be used for surveillance of both homes and businesses. With the ability to record live video to a remote location, IP Cameras allow you to make sure your recorded video is safe by storing it at a location that only you can access.

Latest Products

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Dual Band Long Range Outdoor Wireless Systems
Inscape Data Corporation, the leader in long range wireless and IP video equipment has introduced a pair of cost effective high-power dual band radios, the AirEther SB54 Wireless Base Station and SC54 Wireless Client Bridge.


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IP Video Surveillance
We provides complete turnkey IP Video Surveillance solution. Our solutions can provide your home and business with 24/7 video monitoring. You can remotely access your IP Camera via Internet and PDA/Smartphones without special add-on hardware and software.